About Us gives you instant access to seasoned U.S. contract recruiters when you have urgent hiring needs.

As corporate-side, contract recruiters, we know how to communicate and work with demanding hiring managers. We understand the importance of using company messaging and branding to attract passive candidates, and the need to provide a high-touch candidate experience to all of your applicants. And unlike contingency recruiters, holding ourselves accountable is built into our DNA. We work with the same rigor on every position, every time, no matter how challenging or daunting. That’s why you hire, and what you can expect from, a contract recruiter. allows you to leverage the power of an entire plug ‘n play recruiting team, including dedicated contract recruiters, sourcers, and delivery managers. We operate with a simple outsourced model that eliminates the costs, complexities and commitments of traditional contingency staffing firms and RPO’s. is flexible and scalable. Whether you need to hire just one Contract Recruiter, or need a fully managed team that also includes Sourcers and Researchers, or anything in between, we have you covered