About Us

WHAT WE DO: At Zenfreed, we bridge the gap between people wanting to do the work they were meant to and organizations needing the right talent for positions.

WHO WE WORK WITH: IT professionals who are looking to move into the world of contracting across multiple roles such as:

Analysts - business, data, software testing, systems, IT governance, IT procurement, security, programmer, business continuity (analysts and planners), geographic information systems (analysts and technicians)

Architects - software, cloud, infrastructure, database, data protection, enterprise, storage, network, communications

Development/Programming - backend and front-end programmers/developers, web applications, mobile applications, webmaster

Designers - UI, UX, graphic

Customer support - call center, help desk, tech support

Engineers - data protection, business process, cloud, data center, storage, network, radio

Project management - project managers, change managers, project coordinators, program managers

Technical writers, trainers, consultants

WHY IT WORKS: With our talent matching services, assistance with resume-building resources, and education on contracting, we get you matched with the right organization; feel prepared for your new role and supported throughout your transformation to a contracting career.

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT: We are more than an IT staffing company. As an experienced partner with experience both recruiting and contracting, we help navigate the contracting process to get applicants matched with Michigan companies. We know it can be confusing with little guidance or support, so we are committed to helping you overcome the uncertainty associated with transitioning to enjoying all the benefits contracting has to offer.

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