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Xec-T Consultancy

About Us

Xec-T Consultancy, founded in 2013 and with offices in the UK, US, and UAE, is the executive recruitment consultancy specialist in freight and logistics industry.

Currently working with several government, semi-government and private sector clients, providing them with consultancy on HR strategy and supporting them with hiring local & international talent. With our international network, we have the right network in local & international markets helping us focus on forming a unique blend of clients and candidates. We focus on a number of verticals, with each headed by a lead consultant and a number of resources supporting delivery and research.

Our key sectors are:

Freight / Logistics




In addition to the core services we offer, including retained recruitment, we do also supply contract resources based on the specific client needs. As a recruitment consultancy, we don’t agree with the ‘Place and Forget’ attitude in the industry. We believe training is the key to success, therefore our partnership with Forte Markets has benefitted us with access to a depth of content and expertise, across our key verticals, rarely seen with a recruiter. This enables us to assess candidates and help up-skill those that need support. We also work closely with our clients to support their training needs. ‘Human touch makes all the difference’, so please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and we can send out one of our team members to provide you with the support you need.