Wild Card Money Madness (Sportsbook Travia Card Game)

Wild Card Money Madness (Sportsbook Travia Card Game)

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Wild Card Money Madness (Abbreviation: WCMM) is a sportsbook trivia card game. Wild Card Money Madness uses computer algorithms to make true predictive outcomes of trivia card game sporting events. WCMM is taking some of the world's greatest athletes and team's sports data and getting you to bet the best predictions. Using our trivia game night money machine, you will step inside of a ball of flying money blind folded to catch as much money as possible in 14 seconds to bet with trivia night. Each individual player will pick three trivia game cards to bet on beach round. Using the game application, each trivia card will show a correct statistical outcome or game answer. The player that makes the most money after 5 to 8 rounds wins the game.

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