About Us

Our vision

"To be respected for building relationships that last longer than a probation period."

Our mission

"With a smile, we’re on a mission to remove the ive from Expensive when recruiting high level tech talent" (In other words — to be a valued expense, not an expensive necessity)



We are fanatical about the candidate and client experience. We strive to ensure every interaction is constructive.


Across both founders, we have 26 years of combined experience. We’re proud of the networks we’ve already built and continue to build. 700+ placements and counting…


30:70 talking to listening is one of our values. If we exceed 30%, tell us to reign it in!


We love craftmanship. Attention to detail and process is at our core. It’s the 5% differentiation factor in our (and many others) opinion.


Building out enterprise-wide, high performing teams is our sweet spot. Dev/Data/UX/Infra/Product/QA.


Everyone talks about a growth mindset. Our training sessions are usually based on client case studies and the latest high performance podcast.


People are not commodities. Inspired by the Tomas Erikson best sellers “Surrounded by Idiots” and “Surrounded by Psychopaths”; we are intent on digging a little deeper and unearthing which colour personalities will fit our culture and external cultures best.


Our six core values are based on sandwiches. Which filling are you!?

🔹Wedont.Do BS.

If you are a client looking to discuss growth, candidate looking for their next job or a consultant interested in working for WeDo; please get in touch.