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Washington Federal Strategies

About Us

For nearly 3 decades, Washington Federal Strategies (WFS) (CEO Anne Linton Cortez) has successfully supported clients through the complex processes of obtaining global radio spectrum licensing, ensuring regulatory compliance, and providing spectrum management services.

We empower our clients to secure the licenses they need from the FCC, FAA, NOAA and other spectrum regulators around the world with a success rate over 95%. On our clients’ behalf, we strategically interface with spectrum regulatory authorities such as FCC, NITA, FAA, DOD, and a wide range of federal spectrum reviewers, and foreign governments. Due to the strong relationships we’ve crafted over the years, we have become trusted advisors and mediators for all parties. Thus we excel at setting clients up for successful navigation of regulatory systems including spectrum policy, telecommunications regulation, universal service, wireless licensing, enforcement issues, and radio spectrum licensing.

Our team is passionate about what we do, and we are proud members of the Federal Communications Bar Association, Delaware Bar, Maryland Bar, DC Bar, Society of Mining Engineers. We are active on the Industry Advisory Board for the University of Arizona’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


o Radio licensing for communications links to and from satellites

o Spectrum selection for operational links

o International coordination of radio links

o Satellite imagery licensing – required for any satellite that is imaging the earth from orbit

o Working with hosted payload companies

o Supporting the research and development to get the satellite ready for launch


• Longevity in the industry

• Prominence and credibility in our network

• Previous experience being employed by FCC, regulators and government agencies

• Knowledge of all dynamics and layers needed for a successful outcome

• Backend access to resources and information without the hoops