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Vehicle Inspection Systems - VIS

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Vehicle Inspection Systems, Inc. (VIS, Inc.) has been the front runner for heavy duty vehicle safety for the trucking and transportation industry for brake and undercarriage inspection as well as wheel and rim safety for over twenty years. VIS manufactures and distributes products including the VIS-Check, the VIS-Polish, the VIS-Auto, the VIS-Nitro, and the VIS-Squirrel.

Vehicle Inspection Systems is proud to serve vehicle service and maintenance shops throughout North America to provide safety and inspection services to heavy duty trucks and public transportation vehicles in both the United States and Canada.

The VIS-Polish is an automated aluminum wheel maintenance system that helps uncover fine cracks and other flaws that can be hiding under dirt and debris so damage can be caught before it causes an incident. The VIS-Polish also brings back a bright luster back to road-weary wheels while the enclosed system ensures technicians remain safe from moving parts and debris. Give your vehicles wheels that aren’t just well-maintained, but stand out by adding the VIS-Polish to your aluminum wheel maintenance process.

The VIS-Check is performance-based brake tester (PBBT) combined with a road simulator that inspects the brakes, steering and suspension of commercial and heavy duty vehicles and measures braking force to DOT standards and APTA best practice recommendations. It allow technicians to view steering and suspension components under harsh operating conditions and minimizes the risk of injury to testing personnel by eliminating the need for vehicle deceleration. At the end of the inspection, the VIS-Check produces a ‘Safety and Efficiency Report’ to guide and assist service technician’s maintenance activities.

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