USM Business Systems

USM Business Systems

About Us

USM is helping companies change existing business paradigms by bringing tomorrow’s AI and Automation solutions to today’s businesses.

Disruptive new technologies are helping corporations become more agile, competitive and profitable. Predictive algorithms are provisioning customer orders more accurately than ever before. Cognitive technologies are enhancing the customer experience at every touch point and open-ledger validation methods are improving the accuracy of complex, global financial transactions. Automation is no longer a choice, it is the engine that drives business growth.

Established in 1999 as an IT Consulting services company in the Washington DC metro area, the USM group of companies today consists of 1000+ employees across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, providing a range of services such as

* Automation & Innovation

* Architecture & Consulting

* Maintenance & Support

* Contingent Workforce.

Our experts are SMEs in the following critical business areas – data sources (internet devices), mobile commerce strategies, customer acquisition & retention and ultimately, leveraging enterprise data management to drive competitiveness. We have the resources that can help you design your enterprise architecture, build & deploy your applications, as well as manage your IT operations 24x7.

Our focus areas include AI, Data science, RPA, Connected cars & devices, Natural language processing, Computer vision, Virtual agents, Blockchain, IoT, Mobile commerce, Retention programs, AR, VR, Gaming, and Enterprise data management.