United Way of Connecticut

United Way of Connecticut

About Us

United Way of Connecticut’s (UWC) service mission is to help meet the needs of Connecticut and its residents by providing information, education, and connection to services. United Way of Connecticut is proud to partner with the State of Connecticut, local United Ways, and many community partners to carry out our service mission through the following:

•Through the 211 program, UWC helps people find and access basic needs such as shelter and food, provides suicide intervention services, and helps children and adults in crisis.

•Through 211 child Care, Care 4 Kids and 211 Child Development Infoline, UWC provides information about child care, early intervention services, and developmental concerns.

•When a natural disaster or personal crisis threatens or occurs, UWC provides people access to essential information before, during, and after the event.

•As the statewide association of United Ways, UWC fosters collaboration and provides support for initiatives that benefit and improve our communities.