About Us

We are the innovation hub and future designer of the multi-national Umdasch Group, employing more than 8,500 people (Doka, Umdasch The Store Makers). We are incubator, accelerator, startup investor, company creator and above all innovative solution provider in construction and retail.

We focus on groundbreaking technologies and new business models to solve the global challenges. We are open-minded, pick-up visionary ideas and have a strong ambition and power to make something great.

Founded in 2017, we can already present four new solutions:

- Contakt GmbH | Digital Construction Site Intelligence

- Neulandt GmbH | Portable Precast Plant for Affordable Housing

- Contour Crafting Corporation | 3D Construction Printing

- NeoTwin | Digital Building Life Cycle Management

Umdasch Group Ventures drives innovative developments forward until market maturity is proven. The daughter company Umdasch Group NewCon as accelerator takes over the new solutions and builds up the new businesses as well as functions as operative holding.