About Us

The mission of TrulyHired is to connect leaders passionate about educational equity and transformation with truly meaningful job opportunities today. All children deserve access to an excellent and equitable education that prepares them for a successful life of their choosing.

But our system is failing to achieve this vision. Certain students, especially students of color, are disproportionately underserved. That's why at TrulyHired, we believe we need the right talent, particularly diverse talent that reflects all of our students, serving in meaningful roles at impact-driven education organizations.

We also know a child’s quality of education is only as good as the individuals who shape their learning environment. We understand that nothing within a school is more important than a high-quality teacher in front of each and every student. But standing behind every teacher are professionals running budgets, operations, human capital, data analysis, curriculum innovation, and policy. These support offices and organizations need innovative professionals to support great teachers from outside the classroom.

At TrulyHired, we connect those amazing jobseekers looking for impact-driven roles and organizations who aim to make a true difference in education all in one place.

JobSeekers: Whether you're transitioning from Corporate America, a teacher looking for an alternative career, or someone within the education sector seeking the challenge of a new role, TrulyHired can help you find a job in education that truly fits you!

Employers: If you're an innovative leader in an organization who cares about educational equity looking for talented, diverse and passionate candidates, you're in the right place.


At TrulyHired, we take pride in creating a platform that connects education leaders to non-teaching jobs and mission-driven organizations that seek to positively impact a child's life outside of the classroom.