About Us


The Lewis Group is a collective of affiliate service companies, all committed to offering superior solutions to environmental challenges, property management requirements and brownfield redevelopment opportunities.

Headquartered in Royersford, Pennsylvania, The Lewis Group is a multidisciplinary business-to-business company offering superior, one-stop solutions to a diverse customer base from specialized companies including Lewis Environmental, Lewis Property Services and Lewis Development.

Expect worry-free results when you partner with the Lewis Group in any capacity. With a historic record of outstanding safety policies and practices, the Lewis Group continually puts performance above profit in our focus on extreme, whole-facility value.

A highly skilled and dedicated workforce defined by best-in-class operations, the Lewis Group’s specialized service offerings have a history of solving any client problem.


Outstanding Safety Policies, Practices and Record

Highest Degree of Professionalism

Turnkey & Worry-Free Results

Comprehensive Service Solution Partner

Extreme Whole-Facility Value

Performance Over Profit

Highest Degree of Professionalism

Best-In-Class Operations