Tax Technologies, Inc.

Tax Technologies, Inc.

About Us

TTI’s flagship product, Tax Series, is an all-inclusive SaaS solution that can handle all aspects of U.S. corporate income tax related tasks. It handles, global data collection, U.S. corporate income tax compliance, global tax provision, multi-year tax planning, audit support, legal entity maintenance, task scheduling through tax calendar and document management in single database. The use of single database provides user ability to reuse the data imported for one purpose to be used for many other purposes. Tax Series also supports multi-year computations, thereby, making comparison reporting and multi-year tax planning easier.

TTI extended its functionalities in Tax Series to address standard reporting approach adopted by OECD and G20 countries through BEPS initiative. TTI offers standard BEPS software solution to multinational corporations that are faced with the daunting task of BEPS reporting compliance requirements.

TTI was established in January of 2000 with the goal of building a high-quality global tax management software. Since then, TTI has grown rapidly, expanding its presence to India as well as the U.S. with over 300 employees. It has enjoyed its organic growth through client focused delivery of its software and service solutions.

Today, TTI provides SaaS solutions to corporations of all sizes, in every country around the world. We have clients with over 2,000 respective users globally using Tax Series on a daily basis for data collection, tax planning, compliance reporting, provision reporting, and tax task scheduling.