About Us

Stonerise provides clinician-led transitional care to help patients get back to health and back to life. We are Appalachians serving our neighbors and communities as they age. Our approach to transitional care is designed to support patients through major transitions along their health journey. We have nearly 3,000 team members who provide personal, loving, clinician-led care to nearly 2,000 patients. Our services include:

Transitional and skilled nursing care centers: We have 17 centers throughout West Virginia that provide short- and long-term options for patients to receive safe, personalized and clinician-led care. Patients in our centers typically transfer from neighboring hospitals because they are too sick to go home just yet. Some need short-term therapy and others need more complex care for longer periods of time. Still, the average length of a stay in our centers continues to decrease, and we remain committed to getting our patients home as quickly and safely as possible.

Therapy: We provide skilled physical, respiratory, speech and occupational therapies at gyms within our transitional and skilled nursing care centers, as well as in patients’ homes. A positive patient-therapist relationship is key to success. Following a skilled assessment, a personalized treatment plan features goals and measures that focus on getting the patient back to their life.

Home Health: Our home health professionals provide care throughout West Virginia and southeast Ohio in the most comfortable of settings: a patient’s home. Each home health team member focuses on engaging and empowering patients toward independence, beginning with skilled assessments and patient education. We specialize in heart failure, diabetes, COPD, fall reduction and much more.

Hospice: We give patients and their loved ones the respect, dignity and comfort they need during these delicate times. The Stonerise Hospice team supports our patients and their families with intentional, high-quality care.