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Stankevicius MGM is a professional public relations and investor relations firm with a key focus on corporate and individual power image development and capital raising business. Stankevicius MGM has managed diversified client base worldwide including Fortune 500 and international publicly listed companies. Stankevicius MGM has raised over $700M in funding for clients. Stankevicius MGM belongs to Stankevicius Group (stankeviciusgroup.com). Stankevicius X (stankeviciusx.com) is a subsidiary of Stankevicius MGM. Stankevicius Group also manages Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking (stankevicius.com), Stankevicius International (stankeviciusinternational.com), and Stankevicius Corporate Services (stankevicius.co.uk).

Stankevicius MGM 是一家专业的公共关系和投资者关系公司,重点关注企业和个人权力形象发展和融资业务。 Stankevicius MGM 管理着全球多元化的客户群,包括财富 500 强和国际上市公司。 Stankevicius MGM 已为客户筹集了超过 7 亿美元的资金。 Stankevicius MGM 属于 Stankevicius Group (stankeviciusgroup.com)。 Stankevicius X (stankeviciusx.com) 是 Stankevicius MGM 的子公司。 Stankevicius Group 还管理着 Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking (stankevicius.com)、Stankevicius International (stankeviciusinternational.com) 和 Stankevicius Corporate Services (stankevicius.co.uk)。

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