About Us

We all know someone who's been in the hospital -- a parent, spouse, child, neighbor, coworker or friend. Safecor Health helps hospitals ensure quality and patient safety through superior packaging and bar coding services.

Safecor Health is the industry leader committed to providing institutional pharmacists with unit-dose repackaging services that allow them to outsource the challenging and time-consuming tasks of packaging.

Operating out of two state-of-the-art, FDA-registered facilities, Safecor Health helps pharmacies develop a comprehensive unit-dose packaging strategy.

Repackaging services include:

- Unit-dose oral solids

- Liquid unit-dose cups

- Oral syringes

- Robot-compatible packaging

- Controlled substance packaging

- Hazardous drug packaging

- Bar coding and labeling

Safecor Health's services provide significant cost savings and operational efficiency to more than 1,000 hospitals and health systems nationwide, all while improving quality, patient care and medication safety.

Learn more at safecorhealth.com.