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About Us

If you’re like most of our clients, your experience with recruiters is probably one of the following:

a) They sent us nobody.

b) The candidates were not close to what we asked for.

c) They sent me a bunch of unemployed job hoppers.

d) I’ve dealt with many and can’t stand working with recruiters.

e) All of the above.

We specialize in the following:

Sales Recruiting

Executive Recruiting

Marketing Recruiting

Human Resources Recruiting

Accounting Recruiting

Sales Consulting

Recruiting Consulting

Why are we different?

We’ve not just recruiters that have only worked in recruiting. We have worked in Corporate America and understand both of our clients and candidates.

Typically, the best candidates we see are those that you can’t find on job boards. Most recruiting firms have the same recruiting tools but we are much different. Right Choice Resources employees have a large network so the majority of candidates we place are in our network. Therefore, we know they’re not just good interviewers because in many cases, we know them personally or know people that do.

We go after the cream of the crop employees who are loved by their bosses and aren’t looking to make a move. Since most of have been top employees, we show them that although they are working a great job, why it makes sense to be open to a conversation.

In addition, we don’t take on every client that contacts us. If it’s outside of our expertise or we don’t believe we can deliver candidates, we take a polite pass and/or refer it over to another company we recommend.

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