About Us

RedCliff Ascent is a therapeutic wilderness program for troubled teens ages 13-17. For almost 20 years, we have been helping thousands of struggling teens and their families rebuild their relationships and end the developmental vacation, our term for a disrupted or incomplete pattern of development. Troubled teens enrolled at RedCliff lack the coping mechanisms, competencies and discipline necessary to manage their lives at an age appropriate level.

In other arenas, these students may only be labeled by their diagnoses, which may include ADHD, ODD, bipolar mood disorder, etc. The RedCliff treatment protocol recognizes the child and the illness are two distinctly separate components. Each is specifically addressed in the therapeutic process.

We help the student and family understand how a specific cluster of symptoms associated with their diagnosis has impacted the student’s developmental progression. RedCliff’s therapeutic model disrupts the developmental vacation and reintegrates the student into the appropriate developmental progression.