About Us

QuantumBricks North America is founded with a vision to redefine digital frontiers by building empowering, human centered digital solutions. We help companies to adopt digital transformation using a comprehensive Digital360 framework comprising of Digital Product Engineering, Digital Automation, AI and Cognitive Platforms, Enterprise Analytics, Cloud, Digital Security and Digital User Experience, delivering a next-generation Digital Customer Experience.

Our customers walk in with a challenge and walk away with a practical, human centered solution. We believe in mentoring to bring the best in each of us and build the next generation talent in UX, DevOps, AI and Cyber Security with job ready workshops and training programs.

With Extensive Experience, and employees across Canada ,US & India ,providing digital technology solutions to serve several mid-sizes to Fortune 500 clients across different industry verticals, which include Healthcare and Life Sciences, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Airlines, Energy and Utilities, Education and Media, Retail, Manufacturing and Government

QuantumBricks provides highly skilled and certified professionals and has successfully executed more than 25 projects. QuantumBricks is committed to helping our clients solve complex problems and achieve their goals, on time and under budget

We offer Google CS First clubs to introduce Computer Science to kids, job ready training and internship programs for young adults to unleash their careers and workshops for professionals to advance their careers.

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