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Privitar empowers organizations to use their data safely and ethically. Our Data Security Platform (DSP) builds collaborative workflows and policy-based data privacy and access controls into data operations. Only Privitar has the right combination of technology, regulatory expertise, and best practices to support modern data innovation initiatives while navigating regulations and protecting customer trust.

Founded in 2014, co-founders Jason du Preez and John Taysom united to combine John’s academic work on privacy with Jason’s experience of big data and enterprise software. Together, they launched Privitar, with a passion for building a center of excellence around their idea that technology and privacy together can thrive. Fast-forward to today, Privitar is a global leader—and set the standard in privacy engineering—for organizations worldwide.

Headquartered in London, Privitar now has offices around the world, with an international customer base which includes Global 2000 banking, healthcare, insurance, life sciences, professional services, retail and telecommunications companies like HSBC, Citi, the UK’s National Health Service and AstraZeneca, to name a few.

To date, Privitar has raised more than $150 million in funding, led by Warburg Pincus, Accel, Partech, IQ Capital, Salesforce Ventures, ABN AMRO Ventures and HSBC.

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