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Nationwide Energy Partners

About Us

Nationwide Energy Partners (NEP) is the premier energy service provider focused exclusively on the multifamily space. We partner directly with owners and developers to help them privatize the utility infrastructure in their communities and, as a result, access unique benefits, uncovering previously untapped revenue sources.

Founded by a multifamily developer more than 20 years ago, NEP believes owners should choose with whom they work and what best benefits their community.

Our customers demand a better energy service product for their properties and we deliver on that expectation. NEP is not a utility or a fee-based submetering company. Rather, we provide customizable solutions, assume the billing/servicing of each resident, take on the associated debt risk, and install the physical infrastructure with revenue grade metering.

The financial benefits of this arrangement include significant capital funds, ongoing revenue, increased NOI, and elevated asset value. Additionally, NEP offers greater flexibility and speed in the facilities design phase, equipment installation at a lower cost than the host utility, and faster identification and resolution of issues.

NEP's model also provides a better property management and resident experience. Because we master meter the property and individually meter each resident, the property has access to useful data and trends. Resident are never charged at a rate that exceeds the host utility's and our rates are audited annually by a third-party account firm to ensure accuracy.

With a firm focus on the environment, NEP offers 100% carbon-free energy to all communities at no additional charge. Our growing business currently services more than 150 communities and 40,000 units.

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