Murphy & Associates, Inc.

Murphy & Associates, Inc.

About Us

Since 1980, Murphy & Associates has provided technology and business consulting services to over 150 diverse clients in the Puget Sound area. Our transparent compensation model attracts top tier talent and fosters an environment of trust. Furthermore, members of our support team have been with us for an average of 10 years. Our integrity and experience helped us earn Puget Sound Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” award in 2018.

The Murphy & Associates Advantage for Consultants:

Full Disclosure: Consultants know their bill rates and how we distribute the revenue they produce.

No Non-Compete: We don’t restrict consultants from pursuing other opportunities.

A la Carte Benefits: Including medical, dental, and vision insurance options; 401k; PTO; Matching Gift Program and Training.

The Murphy & Associates Advantage for Clients:

Trustworthy Partnership: Long term relationships built on trust are the cornerstone of our business.

Excellent Value: Our lower margins translate into better value for clients.

Flexibility: Our consultants bring a wide variety of skillsets and levels of experience.

Our business model fosters loyalty and satisfaction, and consistently delivers success.

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Security Analyst

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Sr. Cloud/DevOps Engineer

Remote (US, Greater Seattle Area)  •  15m ago
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