About Us

We're changing the (recruitment) game. Specializing in the communications, marketing and creative fields, we’re a search firm that understands in business, people come first. We’re Monday Talent – recruitment’s wake up call.

Monday Talent is committed to helping organizations create atmospheres in which anyone can achieve their full potential. Every decision we make is rooted in our commitment to reimagining recruitment and prioritizing diversity, equity & inclusion above all else.

We know what it takes to build a diverse workforce because we’ve done it. Year to date, 51% of the talent we have placed have been people of color. By bringing together diverse perspectives, we’ve helped companies create welcoming, authentic environments where every voice is valued.

Founded during the early days of the pandemic, Monday Talent has already seen exponential growth. We’re proof that the best things happen when you create a diverse team. Empowering workforces that will change industries, we’re here to push boundaries—expanding your idea of what recruitment can really do.

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