MIDASoft Inc. | The Americas

MIDASoft Inc. | The Americas

About Us

MIDASoft Inc. was established as a representative of MIDAS Information Technology Co., Ltd. in North and Latin America. MIDASoft's prime focus is providing CAE and CAD software for the development, analysis, and design support of civil, structural, geotechnical, and mechanical engineering. For Computer-Aided Design, Midasoft provides 3D CAD for BIM and BrIM for Building and Bridge Information Modeling.

#1 Market Share in Civil Engineering Software Solutions

Tens of thousands of Civil and Mechanical engineers around the world have implemented MIDAS Software in their work processes for the undertaking of high profile projects as well as everyday projects.

One of our key strengths is our ability to provide responsive and reliable technical support for our clients.

The focus of MIDAS includes civil/structural/geotechnical/mechanical engineering software development along with analysis & design support. The MIDAS Programs have been commercially used since 1996. Our reliability has been approved through applications on countless projects worldwide.

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Somos el No. 1 en el mercado de soluciones software de ingeniería civil. Miles de ingenieros civiles a través del mundo han implementado el software de MIDAS en su proceso de trabajo con proyectos de gama alta y proyectos actuales

El enfoque principal de MIDAS incluye el desarrollo de herramientas software para la ingeniería Civil/Geotecnia/Mecánica para mejorar el trabajo de diseño y análisis. Los programas de MIDAS han sido comercializados y usados desde el año 1996. La confiabilidad de nuestra empresa ha sido aprobada a través de aplicaciones en proyectos alrededor del mundo.

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