About Us

MaxisIT® is the only Integrated Software Platform for biopharmaceutical industry. We offer self-service data preparation and analytics products including clinical data repository, data management, data integration, statistical computing, advance analytics, reporting and visualization that are regulatory compliant, validated, cloud-based and delivered through alternate models viz. Enterprise SaaS, On-premise deployment, or as a Hybrid software-enabled service.

Founded in 2003, MaxisIT grew organically from sweat equity with a strong belief in our idea of “Empowering Biopharmaceutical industry with Integrated Computing, Self-Service Analytics, and Enterprise Externalization”.

It has consistently demonstrated 40% time and 50% cost savings within clinical development data to decision processes. Iyet is also uniquely positioned as an integrated clinical development platform provider, which both CROs and Clinical Software companies have failed to deliver individually or by partnering with each other.

Over the years, MaxisIT built a progressively profitable organization with over 200 employees globally with a strong customer base for both software and services.