About Us

La Jolla Logic is an advanced technology and information system security solution firm headquartered in Southern California. We are a CMMC-AB Authorized C3PAO. Our professional staff has technical, programmatic and executive leadership experience spanning nearly 20 years supporting the US Department of Defense (DoD), academic institutions and the commercial sector. We are a Woman-Owned Small Business with a reputation for performance to the highest standard.

As a provider of world-class service, quality work products and with a focus on a customer-centered cooperative work approach, our staff specializes in the following areas:

• DoD Grade Cybersecurity Services

• Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) Subject Matter Expertise

• Strategic DoD Business Development and DoD ‘Business Navigation’ Services

• Secure Enterprise Architectures

• Risk Assessment and Management

• Advanced Technology Assessment

• Technical Proposal and Concept Development Services

• Programmatic and Organizational Leadership Support

La Jolla Logic customers realize cost savings through our ability to expertly plan tasking and efficiently execute on projects. We bring years of experience, specialized knowledge and a ‘do it right the first time’ principle for execution. Our superior work ethic and an impressive base of repeat customers make our staff the right choice for addressing your challenging information system & technology needs.