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We live in a digital world where tech moves fast and is increasingly being looked at to drive revenue and business outcomes. To thrive today, companies need transformational tech leaders who can think two steps ahead of where your business needs to go and proactively offer up ideas on who can guide you through the process and help you secure the best and most diverse candidate slate. A wrong hire can be very expensive – in dollars and opportunity cost. Where do you find those “right people” – particularly in technology, where demand for top tech talent outstrips supply? Enter Jennings ProSearch.

Our success in Tech Executive Search comes from focus and market understanding, our vast network of candidates and companies, and our track record of successfully placing candidates at great companies. We know what works. Simply put – we can help you find the best candidate for your role.

Why work with a recruiter?

1. You are seeking an innovative, forward thinking Tech Leader who has a rare blend of business acumen, communication skills combined with an understanding of how to leverage modern tech stacks.

2. You do not have the time or resources to take on an executive search yourself.

3. You are looking to broaden your senior leadership team’s diversity.

4. Discretion is an issue, and you need to run a completely confidential search.

5. You are searching for an executive position that has just been created.

6. You are rapidly scaling your company.

Join leading private equity firms, fast-growing startups, and successful middle-market companies in selecting Jennings ProSearch as your preferred Data & Tech leadership talent partner.

www.jenningsprosearch.com lori@jenningsprosearch.com or call at 804.762.7336

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