HEAL Security  |  Cognitive Cybersecurity Intelligence for the Healthcare Sector

HEAL Security | Cognitive Cybersecurity Intelligence for the Healthcare Sector

About Us

HEAL Security is the global authority for cybersecurity data, research and insights across the healthcare sector. Our industry-specific platform provides actionable intelligence on cyber threats, risks and remedies directly to the people protecting the delivery of healthcare services. Find out more at https://healsecurity.com.

For the first time, our platform delivers situational awareness on cybercrime activity within the healthcare sector - which, despite spending some US$65 billion on cybersecurity defense over the past five years, remains the #1 target for ransomware attacks.

We deliver relevant actionable intelligence to providers, physicians and personnel across the entire healthcare industry: enabling them to monitor threats, assess risks and implement remedies… streamlining communication, accelerating decision-making and empowering them to manage their security ecosystems from a single interface.

HEAL Security Dispatch, our community-curated web and daily bulletin service on healthcare cybersecurity news and analysis, enables our readers to maintain intelligence-driven insights, perspectives and mitigation strategies. Visit https://healsecurity.com to subscribe and receive the latest information directly to your Inbox.

Collaboration and community are central to our strategy, so we’re actively seeking to build partnerships and relationships across the healthcare sector. If you believe that our platform is of interest to you or your organization - or you have something that will interest us - we’d love to hear from you.

And we’re hiring! If you’d like to be a part of a world-leading organization that will revolutionize the healthcare industry - protecting the systems and the people that protect us – please get in touch, or visit the Careers section of our website at https://corp.healsecurity.com/current-vacancies.

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Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

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Data Analyst - US

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