About Us

We are a dynamic industrial holding company dedicated to investing in, growing and starting businesses. Founded in 1993, we leverage great people and great technology to grow our scalable early stage, high growth, and mid-sized businesses.

Along the way, we have expanded globally into diverse industries including manufacturing, distribution, technology, big data, engineering and energy efficiency.

We use our operational expertise to create value while working with existing management teams. We invest in companies that can be built into platforms for growth. We cultivate an entrepreneurial environment that fosters growth through “out-of-the-box” ideas. Our global perspective permeates through all we do – customers, people, processes and products.

Join Our Team

We believe the right person can make a real difference for every company, and we’re looking for people to make a difference for us. Our people are the foundation for what we do. We seek people with a passion for growing companies and who thrive in an entrepreneurial environment. We are committed to developing our people to their fullest potential while they grow within our companies.

What We Like

We are creative in our investment strategy and play in a big sandbox. Our investment focus ranges from early stage, to middle market and growth capital opportunities. We offer our companies strategic insight and operational expertise to support our successful management teams to achieve ambitious goals.

Portfolio Companies include:

Autocar Trucks - GVW Parts - JIT Truck Parts - Aculocity - Triz Engineering - GreenOhm