Expert Executive Recruiters

Expert Executive Recruiters

About Us

Expert Executive Recruiters was founded 15 years ago with a clear mission in mind: to provide the best executive search service and meet the specific needs of our clients and our candidates in any country of origin.

We have been committed to serve top clients around the globe and to allocate YOU, the best possible talent, in today’s job market.

We have worked with over 500 clients worldwide. Our clients contact us when they need to hire the brightest and most successful key employees in their organization.


▸ Our joint global experience reaches the US, the UK, Europe, and Asia.

▸ We use unique headhunting methodologies that you will not find

anywhere else.

▸ We Keep a close and personal relationship with each candidate.

▸ Our recruiters are not sales people!

▸ We are selective - We work with successful clients and take their most

attractive positions!

▸ We take the time to understand your individual needs so that we are able

to always provide lasting solutions to any challenges faced in the hiring


We aim to bridge the gap between qualified candidates and companies and believe in a warm and professional hiring process.