About Us

The best technologies don’t replace the human experience – they elevate it. EPSoft delivers smart process automation solutions that do more than improve productivity, they cultivate creativity, strategy, and connection.

EPSoft is the creator behind EZFlow, an easy-to-use platform that has everything you need for intelligent automation in one place. We’ve seen companies struggle with too many tools and not enough integration. Piecemealed automation solutions are a nightmare to manage and impossible to scale. That’s why we built EZFlow, a single platform for complete business process management. The platform features tools like process intelligence, low and no-code RPA, AI and more, and easily integrates with other automation technologies—so you can manage them all from a single pane view. Easy process management. Easy integration. EZFlow.

Elevate the workday to human interaction again. Elevate the work experience. Elevate human potential. All with EPSoft Technologies.


EPSoft Technologies (www.epsoftinc.com) is a global software company that creates end-to-end business process automation tools. Since 2015, EPSoft has helped organizations drive critical insights for better decision making and deliver optimal performance and productivity through its intelligent automation platform. EPSoft is based in Dallas, Texas, with additional locations in Canada and India.

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