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About Ellensburg

All students will graduate prepared for life's opportunities.

Being nestled between the Cascade mountain range and the Columbia River, Ellensburg is surrounded by many natural resources. The most centrally located city in Washington state, this historic city is known for it’s diverse arts, agricultural, and educational communities. Ellensburg School District is fortunate to utilize connections with each community in order to provide essential learning opportunities for our students.

We believe that every students should be given the opportunity to reach goals beyond the walls of our schools. Ellensburg schools pride themselves on being an inclusive environment that enables students to learn, create, do, and prosper through education.

Ellensburg Learns Together

Our school system is two legs of our three-legged educational stool. Learning happens throughout the community, not just in the classroom or school. Education and learning happen everywhere around us and our school system is but one piece of the ethos of learning. From the toddler little scientists, to our community members, to our treasured teachers, to our students, we all learn together.