About Us

Delinea is a leading provider of privileged access management (PAM) solutions that make security seamless for the modern, hybrid enterprise. Our solutions empower organizations to secure critical data, devices, code, and cloud infrastructure to help reduce risk, ensure compliance, and simplify security. Delinea removes complexity and defines the boundaries of access for thousands of customers worldwide, including over half of the Fortune 100. Our customers range from small businesses to the world's largest financial institutions, intelligence agencies, and critical infrastructure companies.

As organizations continue their digital transformations and move to the cloud, they are faced with increasingly complex privileged access requirements for the expanded threatscape. But the opposite of complex isn’t simple – it’s seamless. At Delinea, we believe every user should be treated like a privileged user and wants seamless, secure access, even as administrators want privileged access controls without excess complexity. Our solutions put privileged access at the center of cybersecurity by defining the boundaries of access.

With Delinea, privileged access is more accessible.

Get to know our industry-leading privileged access management solutions:

- Delinea Secret Server: Secure privileges for service, application, root, and administrator accounts across your enterprise with our enterprise-grade PAM solution. Available both on-premise or in the cloud. https://delinea.com/products/secret-server/

- Delinea Cloud Suite: A unified PAM platform for managing privileged access in multi-cloud infrastructure to seamlessly secure access and protect against identity-based cyberattacks. https://delinea.com/products/cloud-suite/

- Delinea Server Suite: Secure and comprehensive access control to on-premises infrastructure, centrally managed from Active Directory, minimizing risk across all Linux, UNIX, and Windows systems. https://delinea.com/products/server-suite

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