About Us

Nestled between the Hollywood Hills and the Verdugo Mountains in the heart of Los Angeles County, the City of Burbank covers 17.16 square miles and is part of the “Tri-Cities” area along with neighboring Glendale and Pasadena. The City is characterized by a strong sense of community and is home to 108,000 residents with a daytime population of up to 200,000.

Burbank’s strong entertainment base is anchored by some of the biggest names in the business, including, among others, Walt Disney Studios, Disney Channel, Warner Bros., ABC, iHeart Radio, Nickelodeon Animation, Dick Clark Productions, and the Cartoon Network. While this City has earned its nickname as “Media Capital of the World,” other businesses and industries including manufacturing, retail, banking/finance, and hospital/medical facilities also have a notable presence here. Together, approximately 12,400 business firms and public agencies located within the City provide an average of 120,000 jobs.

Burbank is a full-service Charter City with a Council-Manager form of government. Five City Council Members serve staggered, four-year terms, and each year the Mayor is chosen by the Council as the presiding officer. In addition to carrying out traditional legislative duties for this full-service municipality, the Council also serves as the governing body for the Burbank Housing Authority, Burbank Parking Authority, and Public Financing Authority.

The City of Burbank is proud to have a long-standing reputation for providing excellent levels of service to both residents and the business community.