Chinook Systems Inc.

Chinook Systems Inc.

About Us

In the buildings all around us, life is happening. Babies enter the world. Art evokes imagination. Research leads to breakthroughs. Nations are protected. Like the people who fill rooms with life, buildings live and breathe. They require care, protection, and the opportunity to evolve in a world of constant change. People deserve good buildings, and buildings deserve good people to look after them.

We are those people.

We listen to their pulse. We connect with the energy that flows from room to room, system to system, person to person; believing that all buildings can be better. Diagnosing and treating the symptoms, while searching for a cure. Like the Chinook winds that inspire our name, we are a strong force of nature, providing respite and restoring operational harmony.

As lifecycle partners and innovators, we deliver realistic solutions to today’s problems and chart a path for the future. We’re in it for the long-haul: enriching, optimizing, protecting, and maintaining facilities. On the ground, by your side, in the trenches, contributing to something greater than ourselves.

We are Chinook. Our reach is global. Our work will outlast us.