About Us

CareBridge is a provider of technology and services that assists health plans and states in caring for individuals receiving long-term support services. CareBridge’s services include electronic visit verification (EVV), data aggregation, 24/7 member support and benefit management.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) & Data Aggregation: Building on the capabilities of HealthStar and Sinq, CareBridge will offer industry-leading EVV and data aggregation services. CareBridge’s services will not only meet all requirements of the 21st Century Cures Act, which requires states to implement EVV for certain Medicaid-funded in-home services but will also include detailed, real-time sharing of clinical information between members, caregivers, health plans and state officials.

24/7 Member Support: For members at high-risk of hospitalization, CareBridge will offer 24/7 support. This support will include the deployment of tablets to members’ homes, daily check-ins with members and caregivers and 24/7 support from an interdisciplinary team of community health workers and clinicians.

Decision Support: CareBridge is building the nation’s first predictive model for determining the amount of home and community-based services that each LTSS member who is living at home needs to maximize their independence and clinical outcomes. CareBridge’s decision support tools help ensure that individuals always receive the level of support they need and deserve.

CareBridge was founded through the acquisition of HealthStar and Sinq Technologies and is led by a team of proven healthcare service and technology operators. CareBridge is backed by more than $40 million in funding from Oak HC/FT, GV, and multiple strategic investors.

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