About Us

What in the world is BuddoBot?

We love this question and we get it a lot from those who don’t know us… at least not yet.

BuddoBot, founded in 2008, is a veteran and minority-owned small business that specializes in offensive cybersecurity. We simulate real world attacks specific to the industries and organizations we serve. We create threat vectors that are true-to-life, are able to think as the enemy thinks, and find potential threats and exploits before the bad guys do. A fortress doesn’t truly know how secure it is if its walls aren’t tested by outside threats.

What does BuddoBot mean?

Buddo – A derivative of buddy.

Bot – A representation of technical efficiency and accuracy.

Combine the two and you have BuddoBot (pronounced Bud-o-Bot). Our name reflects our unique culture and collaborative approach. We are not a status-driven team. We roll up our sleeves and work hard because we are passionate about what we do. We strive for excellence by being organized and very thorough.

Equal Employment Opportunity Veterans/Disabled