About Us

For 10 years Boarhog has delivered technical and program support services leading to useful innovations that inspire and solve problems. We don't ask our clients to tell us what needs to be addressed. Boarhog associates performing systems Modernization, Mission Engineering and Program Support Services inform our investments in the Boarhog Innovation Initiative.

Mission Engineering bridges the gap between operational requirements and technology through deep understanding of context, characteristics, and constraints of a mission domain. A recent example of Mission Engineering and Program Support Services inspiring a Boarhog Innovation Initiative is the Labs-as-a-Service Plus (LaaS+) business model, a cost effective and rapid evaluation of candidate technologies within a 90 day cycle. These assessments are intended to dovetail into the inherently governmental Structured and Certification testing, thereby complimenting the government's efforts to accelerate acquisition, reduce risk, promote effectiveness and suitability, and achieve Speed to Capability. Benefits of LaaS+ include:

a. Relevant assessment results from 3rd party often at no cost to the government.

b. Both Innovation Pull (gov requirements) and Innovation Push (commercial development)

c. Increased competition through an expanding pool of engaged suppliers

d. Increased government and industry awareness by early, frequent and constructive engagement with innovators

e. Process efficiencies and alternatives resulting in more productive use of the government's time and resources

f. Promotion of Small Businesses, very few of whom have access to Production Representative Systems and associated engineering expertise.

g. Continued investment in system development capacity by industry leadership, who are encouraged by the increased use of their substantial investments.

Boarhog looks forward to working with you. For more detailed information please visit our website at BoarhogLLC.com