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Who We Are

We enable procurement processes to be self-sufficient through smart collaborations between data, systems, settings and people.

We use ML & AI to provide insights ‘within and across’ all procurement functions to create a customer-driven performance model to achieve transparency, effectiveness and cognilytics.

With our help Procurement Organization can achieve Superior engagement, data-driven decision making, higher business efficiency, improved bottom lines, increased productivity and happier Shareholders

We Analyze, Discover, Transform, Cleanse, Validate, Load and Reconcile an organization's procurement data, Tiered-Vendor data and Real-time Market data to provide AI-Powered awareness, insights and opportunities for Risk Mitigation, Spend Analytics, Contract Management and Strategic Sourcing.

Why BLOCKnit? Key Differentiators

1. ProcureAI as a One-Stop, End-To-End digital procurement solution

2. Identifies new & emerging Supply Chain Risks through AI-driven data analytics eliminating bias or gut feel as factors for mitigation

3. Enables Automatic Spend classification and Vendor matching

4. Manages, guides and automates Strategic Sourcing Processes

5. Helps centralize Contract Management and content verification through compliance and clauses

Benefits to Procurement Organization:

-Increased end user engagement productivity

-Integration of applications to end user environments

-Data Driven decision making and uncovering of hidden insights

-Automation of repetitive tasks

-Analytics driven, improved accurate approvals

-Higher collaboration and efficiency through context specific and user aligned information

-Cognitive Procurement with increased cost savings and reduced operational costs

-Predictive income forecasting, identification reduction of risk and predictive market opportunities

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