About Us

Biosector 2 (B2) helps clients harness their science and give it practical purpose by connecting it to societal priorities; this method ensures that it instantly becomes more meaningful and culturally relevant. We are poised to deliver on this promise because we are part of Syneos Health Communications – a healthcare communications network on the frontlines of healthcare. Fully immersed in this ever-changing marketplace, we’re at the ready to make significant impact as treatment and health decisions are being made. We’re social disruptors, media shamans, storytellers, and trusted partners known for motivating stakeholders with behavioral insights and groundbreaking (and award-winning) campaigns proven to create connections between customers and brands.

We possess a rare mix of ambition and respect, which fuels our culture, how we engage with our clients, and the work we proudly create. Like our work, our mission is deliberate and born out of our passion, smarts, and ability to affect change. We tap the deep therapeutic and analytical insights of clinical and commercial colleagues worldwide to generate programs that are distinctive, legendary and memorable. The act of looking beneath the surface allows us to uncover creative, measurable, and more importantly, impactful solutions.