About Us

In 1958 the Air Force needed a technically qualified unbiased organization that could rapidly provide analysis for identified and evolving mission requirements. Resulting from this need and with the assistance of the Rand Corporation, ANSER was formed. Our client base has grown since 1958 but we haven’t lost the insight and innovation that lead us here.

Today ANSER is a public service research institute organized as not-for-profit corporation dedicated to informing decisions that shape the nation’s future. We provide objective studies and analyses to the national security, homeland security, and public policy communities using a diverse set of capabilities that include Analysis of Alternatives, Acquisition Analysis, Workforce Analysis, Performance Measurement, Policy Formulation, Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction and Risk Assessment. ANSER also builds and leads technology development collaborations through its subsidiary, Advanced Technology International (ATI), specializing in organizing and managing research and development consortia on behalf of the federal government.

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