About Us

At Adeptis Group we want to be known for providing businesses with a real competitive edge. We enable business to grow through an end-to-end solution to the global skills gaps.

The traditional methods companies use to address the skills gaps are outdated and simply ineffective.

What if businesses had access to an end-to-end solution that enabled them to harness the skills needed for business growth?

At Adeptis we activate a global network to build capability and grow businesses.

For the past 5-years we have been supporting companies to develop their teams and get ahead.

We leave them feeling not constrained, but empowered by skills.

New Jobs

Cybersecurity Sales Lead -NYC/Boston

US, United States, New York  •  $300k - $350k / year  •  13m ago
13m ago

Cybersecurity Sales Director

Remote (US, United States, Massachusetts)  •  $140k - $180k / year  •  13m ago
13m ago

Cybersecurity VP of Sales

Remote (US, DC, Washington)  •  $200k - $250k / year  •  14m ago
14m ago