Dr. Chase Cunningham - Defend & Conquer Weekly Review November 8, 2023

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  • By Daniel Michan
  • Published on November 7

Welcome to this week's edition of the top cybersecurity news highlights. I'm Chase Cunningham, also known as Dr. Cunningham or Dr. ZeroTrust in the cybersecurity community. In this blog post, I'll be sharing the most important news and articles in the field of cybersecurity. Stay informed and stay secure!

1. Building a Secure Information Systems Architecture

Have you ever wondered how to build a Brazilian zero trust architecture for your information systems? In a recent article, experts shared valuable tips for creating a robust information systems architecture, ensuring that it won't suck. Zero Trust is a solid and effective approach to cybersecurity, and understanding its benefits and architecture is crucial. Visit the article to delve deeper into the topic.

2. Zero Trust for Operational Technology (OT)

For professionals working in manufacturing or operational technology (OT) environments, understanding the implications of Zero Trust is crucial. An article titled "ZT for OT" provides valuable insights into secure OT environments, including topics like secure 5G, micro-segmentation, and more. Additionally, a PDF guide is available for further exploration of Zero Trust principles in OT networks.

3. Implementing Zero Trust in Education

Education institutions often struggle with robust cybersecurity practices. In an article featured in EdTech Magazine, the five pillars of implementing Zero Trust in a passwordless architecture are explored. By moving beyond passwords, educational organizations can significantly enhance their cybersecurity practices. The article offers alternative solutions such as biometrics and user managers.

4. Safeguarding Healthcare Supply Chains

Healthcare organizations face unique challenges when it comes to digital security. An article from healthtechdigital.com addresses the critical issue of safeguarding healthcare supply chains with cybersecurity measures. From secure application packaging to protecting information systems at the silicon level, the article provides valuable insights into healthcare and digital security.

5. Okta Post-Mortem on Security Weaknesses

Okta, a leading company in cybersecurity, recently conducted an investigation into security weaknesses exploited by hackers. The findings highlighted the importance of stringent security controls, as even reputable companies can fall victim to cybersecurity breaches. Okta's experience serves as a reminder to organizations to remain vigilant and continuously improve their security measures.

6. The SolarWinds SEC Fallout

The SolarWinds cybersecurity incident sparked a debate within the cybersecurity profession. The U.S. Security and Exchange Commission's (SEC) recent lawsuit against SolarWinds and its top cybersecurity executive, Tim Brown, has ignited discussions surrounding negligence in cybersecurity. Many cybersecurity professionals are questioning why the entire C-suite was not charged. This lawsuit raises important questions about responsibility and accountability in the cybersecurity realm.

7. Tracking Malicious Operators Using Identity and Access Management Keys

Unit 42, a research team from Palo Alto Networks, has identified an active campaign called Electra-Leak that targets exposed identity and access management credentials on GitHub. Threat actors can exploit these credentials to gain unauthorized access to multiple AWS elastic compute instances, leading to long-lasting cryptojacking activities. It is crucial for organizations to check their GitHub repositories for any exposed or hardcoded credentials to prevent such incidents.

8. Strategic Compliance in Cybersecurity

An article by Mark Jones, a senior partner at Tesserin, explores the idea of strategic compliance in cybersecurity. The article argues that organizations that approach cybersecurity from a strategic standpoint will achieve compliance throughout their journey. Compliance should not be seen as an isolated objective but rather an outcome of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. By prioritizing strategy, companies can effectively address compliance requirements.


Staying informed about the latest cybersecurity news is essential for individuals and organizations alike. This week's highlights covered various topics, including building secure information systems architecture, implementing Zero Trust in education, and securing healthcare supply chains. The SolarWinds lawsuit and the tracking of malicious operators reminded us that even prominent organizations are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Lastly, the concept of strategic compliance shed light on the importance of a proactive cybersecurity strategy.

As always, stay informed, stay safe, and stay secure. Until next time!


*About the Author: Chase Cunningham, Ph.D., is a renowned cybersecurity expert known as Dr. Cunningham or Dr. ZeroTrust. With extensive experience in the field, he delivers insights and analysis to keep individuals and organizations up to date with the latest cybersecurity trends. You can connect with Dr. Cunningham on CybersecurityHQ.*